Written by edgaragentsdb on March 21, 2017

Planning to IPO under Regulation A+? Your first step will be to assemble a team of professionals to successfully execute the process. And most likely, this team will consist of an attorney, accountant, marketing agency, transfer agent and crowdfunding platform, to name a few. These will all be very crucial components to your strategy, but one piece you might not have considered is your filing agent. We recommend that you research the industry for a filing agent who possess a working knowledge of Reg. A+.

The agents you interview should have a good grasp of the Reg. A+ basics such as Tier I and Tier II standards. Partnering with experienced SEC filing agents in any aspect of your IPO will not only facilitate the process, but will most importantly keep you compliant in terms of meeting necessary deadlines. And, although its popularity is quickly spreading, Regulation A+ is still a fairly new concept. It is very easy to misinterpret some filing requirements and there are still kinks for the SEC to iron out, but in the meantime an experienced professional will know exactly what the SEC expects because of the previous filings it has handled.

Since the SEC approved Reg. A+ in 2015, Edgar Agents has handled several Reg. A+ filings for companies crowdfunding under this rule. We have written blog posts about Reg. A+ to help customers better understand the process, SEC requirements and equity crowdfunding in general. Assisting several attorneys with their filings has positioned Edgar Agents as a highly trusted and sought-after filing agency among law firms and accounting firms, but we also work directly with companies IPOing under Regulation A+. Our special packaging for Reg. A+ filings is designed to help clients cut costs during their Reg. A+, mini-IPO process as well.

Whether you are looking for a filing agent or another type of professional to guide you through your IPO, research and experience is key. We suggest you not leave it to chance. To learn more about our Reg. A+ special pricing, call one of our agents at 732-780-5036. To learn more about our products and services, visit our site at www.edgaragents.com or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.