Written by edgaragentsdb on May 4, 2017

There has been a lot of IPO activity this month, making this year’s first quarter a good one for the IPO market. But beyond the number of IPOs that have priced and filed in April, there have been other signs that show the IPO market struck gold this month. For instance, less volatility and more VC and PE participation compared to last year, the largest US-based technology IPO since Facebook and finally more money raised overall. To break it down further, we’ve listed five signs that prove April was the best month for IPOs.

  • 21 companies priced in April 2017 compared to the 9 that priced in April 2016.
  • This month’s $3.4 billion IPO of Snap Inc. was the largest for a U.S.-based tech company since Facebook’s 2012 IPO.
  • There has been less volatility and positive equity performance in the first quarter, which sets the tone for a promising second quarter.
  • PE firms raised $5.1 billion and VC firms raised $4.1 billion in the first quarter of 2017. In comparison, , PE firms in 2016 had no IPOs in the first quarter and VCs backed 7 IPOs, but raised only $566 million.
  • Only 3 companies withdrew their IPO in April this year, compared to last year’s 5 companies that withdrew their IPO in April.

As we close this month, we expect to see more IPO activity creating waves in the market. In the meantime, if you are searching for a reliable printing or filing agency for your upcoming IPOs speak with our agents at 732-780-5036 for custom jobs and pricing, 24/7, including weekends. Also, peruse our site at www.edgaragents.com to learn more about our services or send us a message on LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+.