Written by edgaragentsdb on June 14, 2017

New York, NY/ Tel Aviv, Israel – Edgar Agents, LLC, a full service financial agency, is proud to sponsor two outstanding events this month, strengthening its presence in financial markets worldwide. The two events are leaders in the legal and financial sectors, providing educational and networking opportunities for publicly traded companies and all related industry professionals.

The highly anticipated annual Marcum MicroCap Conference in New York City on June 15 and 16 is an opportunity for publicly traded companies (with less than $500 million in market capital) to network with fund managers and high net-worth investors. Meanwhile, the local Israeli chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsels is hosting the 2017 Annual Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel, on June 21, one of the largest networking events for corporate attorneys.

“Both of these events are always at the cutting edge of their markets, and we want to be at the cutting edge. It is also the best time to meet with our clients in person while introducing our product and services to the latest industry players. We are honored to be sponsoring both events this year,” said Edgar Agents President and CEO Steve Yakubov.

Participants are encouraged to set up one-on-one meetings with major decision makers at the Marcum event. The two-day show is packed with critical information, best practices and networking opportunities, and more than 2,000 participants from all segments of the microcap market are expected to attend.

ACC Israel has a strong local presence with over 400 local members and over 40,000 members worldwide. It is the only organized source of information and networking in Israel dedicated solely to in-house counsel. This particular chapter hosts several events throughout the year, offering educational and knowledge sharing opportunities among members. Attendees will benefit from a full day of networking opportunities and presentations from industry trailblazers.

Edgar Agents, LLC, is looking forward to building relationships at both symposiums.

About Edgar Agents
Since 1997, Edgar Agents has provided resources and services specific for the publicly traded financial markets worldwide. We are a complete financial services agency, offering EDGAR and XBRL conversions and filings, virtual data rooms for mergers and acquisitions, financial printing and typesetting for IPOs, marketing for Reg. A+ crowdfunding, and newswires. For more information about Edgar Agents call our office today at (732) 780-5036 or peruse our site at www.edgaragents.com.

About Marcum
The Marcum MicroCap Conference provides a forum for smaller entrepreneurial public companies with less than $500 million dollars in market capitalization to tell their stories and network with the investment community. It attracts more than 2000 participants annually and approximately 150 presenting companies from seven principal industry sectors. For more information about the Marcum Microcap Conference, visit http://www.marcummicrocap.com or call their office at 212.485.5940.

About ACC Israel
The ACC Israel chapter has a strong local presence as the only organized source of information and network in Israel focused primarily on in-house counsel. This chapter holds several events per year including the annual In-house Women’s Forum, exclusively run by the chapter’s women members with the goal of promoting female legal counsel. To learn more about ACC Israel and the 2017 Annual Summit, visit the organization’s website at http://events-handson.com/acci2017/.

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