Written by edgaragentsdb on July 14, 2017

An exceptional financial printer does a lot more than just print documents. The really good ones always deliver exactly what they promise, which is integrity, efficiency and attention to detail. A large part of that is due to skilled typesetters and proofreaders, which make up the composition team.

These composition specialists are highly trained in design style and type specifications. They are the last set of eyes to see the registration statements, prospectuses, proxy statements, annual reports and quarterly compliance documents, before filing with the SEC, so they’re skills are crucial to the process.

With all these requirements and legalities involved, printing costs can reach astronomical levels. Tens of thousands of dollars, in fact, but one company is completely disrupting the financial print and SEC filing business. Edgar Agents now offers a fixed rate for the entire process, including print, so companies no longer face uncontrollable printing and filing costs.

We include all the benefits of traditional financial printing and typesetting, such as design style and proofreading, with the option of software as a service (SaaS). What is SaaS and why does it matter? A SaaS system hosts your applications while making them available to you and your team over the Internet, thus eliminating the extra expense of hardware acquisition, maintenance, software licensing, installation and support.

As a full-service financial printer with expertise in printing all types of financial documents, our process also ensures a fast and accurate turn-around by streamlining conversions and including clean, current, cumulative and word-write back proofs on every cycle.

We accomplish this by leveraging our automated technology, providing single source publishing directly from typeset to EDGAR ® in a matter of minutes. With capabilities to handle documents of all sizes, Edgar Agents manages EDGAR® sizing, typesetting, printing, and coordinates shipping distribution to the transfer agent as well. All prospectuses are printed the same day and delivered by early the next morning.

Edgar Agents is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Call our office today to learn more about our printing process, pricing and options for your all your financial printing and typesetting needs.