Written by edgaragentsdb on August 8, 2017

Most VDR systems offer the same basic features such as data storage, security and easy access, but not all providers offer extras that really save on time. For instance, a system that uploads documents in real time while eliminating extra steps can significantly speed up a normally time-consuming process. By removing certain steps, like waiting for a large file to upload before clicking a button to publish it, you’ll be free to move on to the next task knowing your workflow will continue uninterrupted. This and a few other extra features make for a great VDR application.

Another really great feature to have is the ability to drag and drop files into a window that will then upload the file in real time. Imagine if you could also upload in bulk without having to install a plug-in or if you could drag and drop larger files, like an entire index structure, directly into a window so it uploads in real time? And, how much time and aggravation could you save if you did it all simultaneously?

Furthermore, a VDR application that goes above and beyond the average security protocol will ease your mind as your files upload automatically. Extra security also prevents viruses or breaches from coming through, which is highly likely when dealing with different companies overseas. This is why the Edgar Agents VDR system adds an extra three layers of security, including a 2-factor authentication (2FA). The first layer of security is the Fence View (to protect against camera based attacks). The second layer is Encrypted PDFs that allows authorized users to disable access even if the file has left the data room. Lastly, authorized users can restrict access to non-authorized users based on specific IP addresses.

Our system is also applicable to any foreign parties with our data room being localized into 9 different languages. This means investors can see the VDR in their native tongue. We are available in mainland China should investors log in from that part of the world as well. A feature like this can be a real asset during the M&A due diligence process with so much M&A activity occurring among international companies.

Finally, a feature we find crucial in a VDR system is the amount of volume and transparency a system can handle. Is it robust and transparent and can you track your uploaded volume? Currently, we are the only vendor offering an option to track your uploaded volume in pages or megabytes, aside from our very robust and transparent reports. With this feature, there is no need to guess what you’ve uploaded and what you’re being charged for because we’re not a black box. Our index structure is also dynamic and not hardcoded, which means you can move your files and folders around as needed in case you need to reorganize.

As virtual data rooms continue to solidify their purpose in the M&A due diligence process, the unique features each VDR provider offers will be the deciding factor for a better and more efficient workflow. Edgar Agents has also helped many companies facilitate their M&A due diligence process with a variety of other financial products and services, along with a powerful VDR application.

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