Written by edgaragentsdb on February 22, 2018

NEW YORK, Feb. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Edgar Agents, the full-service SEC filing agency for public companies, private equity firms, and securities law firms, today announced that the company has partnered with EZOnlineDocuments, the industry-leader for SEC compliant document conversion of Annual Report & Proxy Materials.

Interactive Annual Reports & Proxies convert an already-designed annual report into a desktop and mobile-friendly and easily navigated format for shareholders who require a dynamic research experience beyond scrolling a static PDF. Unlike PDFs, Interactive Annual Reports & Proxies adjust per device – from smartphone to tablet to desktop browser – for the optimum viewing experience.

“Without a doubt, EZOnlineDocuments is the industry gold standard for Interactive Annual Reports & Proxies and we’re delighted to integrate their technologies into our product portfolio,” said Steve Yakubov, CEO at Edgar Agents. “Besides being an excellent solution for mobile and desktop investors, it provides an easy-to-execute solution to public companies. It’s online within three days.”


  • Tiles and tab-based navigation
  • Exceeds all SEC rules and recommendations
  • Full-text searchability – on every platform
  • Meets Notice & Access and other aggressive deadlines
  • Traffic and topic reporting available
  • No proofreading necessary – created from pre-approved PDF

According to a recent study, when presented with the option of EZOnlineDocuments’ interactive format vs PDF, investors selected interactive 96% of the time.

“Promoting corporate transparency is a key role for financial printers, and Edgar Agents continues to further their leadership position and expertise,” said Rich Andrews, CEO at EZOnlineDocuments. “Their philosophy towards client support as well as offering an up-front, capped fee structure aligns with ours. We look forward to working aside them to get issuers’ material information online fast.” 

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