Written by edgaragentsdb on May 31, 2018

Unless you have a full-time XBRL manager on staff…

…XBRL reporting can be too complicated not to have comprehensive 24/7 support from a filing agent. That’s the entire foundation behind our new X3RL program, the 3rd generation EDGAR & XBRL filing program for mid-cap and small-cap issuers.

Forget about “self-service filing.” What you need is “real-time editing.” None of our clients ever told us “hey, we want to file XBRL ourselves.” What they did tell us is that want a “faster review and editing process.” Well, real-time is as fast as it gets.

Why is it the new choice?

  1. We’ve re-tuned the SaaS XBRL process to work smarter for smaller companies: you’re not paying for “enterprise” features you’ll never use.
  2. 24/7 support is always included: it’s not an upgrade or a la carte extra charge.
  3. Single, flat rate for all XBRL and EDGAR filing. Guaranteed.

X3RL delivers the real-time edit and review workflow of a SaaS portal, however, you don’t have to ““do-it-yourself.” You can dial-up or down the exact amount of support from Edgar Agent you need – quarter by quarter, file-by-file – at no extra charge.

Equally important, we file all your EDGAR, too… not just your 10-Qs and 10-Ks. All for one annual fee.

File with confidence next quarter: Click here to download the one-sheet and/or request a live demonstration of the X3RL platform.