Written by edgaragentsdb on June 18, 2018

New Program Eliminates Financial Risks for IPO & Reg A+ Filings

Success Locked-Fee and Abort & Delay Deferment program prevents sticker shock from financial printing / document production

New York, June 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Edgar Agents, the full-service SEC filing agency for public companies, private equity firms and securities law firms, today introduced the formal initiation of their Success Locked-Fee and Abort & Delay Deferment program for companies filing their Initial Public Offering (IPO) or Reg A+ “mini-IPO” registrations.

Mirroring the evolving trend demonstrated by securities law firms that Edgar Agents partners with, this program addresses two common complaints heard from CEOs and CFOs during the preparation and final delivery of the registration statement Form S-1 or Form 1-A required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  1. Exorbitant and unbudgeted invoices generated by opaque pricing and unstructured vendor workflow.
  2. Aggressive and inflexible fee structures that do not allow companies to postpone their IPO fees in reaction to current capital markets sentiment, business conditions or opportune “windows” to price.

“The entire capital markets process surrounding IPOs, including regulators, have been focused on reducing barriers for a company to go public. This is our contribution, or better stated, this is our commitment to eliminate some financial risk for our client companies,” said Steve Yakubov, CEO at Edgar Agents. It takes months for a company to go public. Trying to monitor the variables, both known and unknown, that can burn through cash can weigh heavy on the internal working group.”

“Our new program allows the CFO to predict and control their cashflow and budget,” added Yakubov.

The new program from Edgar Agents has two elements:

Success Locked-Fee:

Prior to the first drafting session, the scope and scale of the Form S-1 or Form 1-A registration statement’s production is measured, quoted and cast-in-stone by Edgar Agents. The rate is locked, guaranteed, for issuer and securities law firm alike. No additional rush or overtime fees are billed.

Abort & Delay Deferment:

If a company needs to delay or totally cancel their IPO, Edgar Agents will only bill a single-digit percentage of their Success Locked-Rate. The balance can be paid when the company resumes their IPO effectiveness.

Before today’s formal launch, Edgar Agents beta-tested the Success Locked-Fee and Abort & Delay Deferment program in Q4 2017 and Q1 2018, The cornerstone, and success, of the program is that the company does not outsource any of the preparation to an undisclosed 3rd party typesetting and EDGARizing shop. All the work is performed by Edgar Agents staff, 24/7, in one of their three offices.

“It’s simple economics. You cannot contain costs nor be flexible if you are beholden to a middleman in the work process,” finished Yakubov.

Edgar Agents’ solutions are especially tailored for micro-cap to mid-cap corporations, and their investment bankers and securities law firms. To keep up-to-date on Edgar Agents’ continued growth, please follow the company in LinkedIn HERE.


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