Written by edgaragentsdb on July 11, 2018

Download & Benchmark: 5 Secret Money Saving Tips for Sending News Releases

Regulatory compliance and shareholder communications are two sides of the same coin. That’s why one of the high-value services we deliver to our clients is the streamlined workflow (and “moneyflow”) of issuing their news releases for them.

This simplifies their days, and our volume buying-power reduces their expenses. But you’re not here for that sales pitch.

You want to the Q3 & Q4 budget-crunching 5 insider tips. The nitty-gritty SOME newswires don’t speak of – unless they have to.

However, beyond sharing you these 5 insider tips and guiding you towards a tighter IR & PR budget, we’re also going to benchmark your current newswire budget. Just share the base fact. No dollars.

DOWNLOAD the “5 Secret Money Saving Tips for Sending News Releases Tips” now by answering these 4 benchmarking questions. It’s a little bit of work for you, but we think you’ll agree it was worth it!