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Investment Management — Rules 498 & 498A

Host all of your fund prospectuses and shareholder reports, along with each of their fund related and required documents, in an easy to navigate web-space that enhances investor engagement. Easily accommodate class-specific Tailored Shareholder Reports and all of the underlying funds for a Variable Product in an intuitive and user-friendly layout. Single-click access and linking to all documents that elevates the “Layered Disclosure” framework. Accessibility is a critical governing requirement in web-hosting; EdgarAgents provides ADA compliant sites that are fully supported through document remediation. Most of all, we ensure your SEC compliance while retaining your corporate style, along with customized landing pages that adhere to and promote your company branding.

Capital Markets — Notice and Access

For corporate issuers, we offer robust support for all of your Notice and Access needs. We offer customized, company branded micro-sites dedicated to Notice and Access. Not only do our micro-sites host your Proxy Statement, Annual Report and all proxy related documents, but they also serve as a dynamic guide for the securityholder to the entire proxy voting process. The Q & A format is designed to interactively engage the securityholder with the information you deem to be the most important for the securityholder to know about the proxy voting event, including the active link for the securityholders to deliver their votes. Lastly, our email engine delivers presentment of proxy materials with linkage to your proxy voting application, including additional ad-hoc investor communications.

SEC compliance is our top priority, below are listed the other key features of our web-hosting solution.

Web Access

Site updates are generated in real time with no delays.


Promotes edelivery while reducing print costs.


Schedule publication for new documents and automatically retire old documents.


Track and quantify how users are interacting with your site.


A shopping cart feature that allows users to request hardcopies that are printed and mailed within 3 business days.

Site Management

Quick landing page updates that accommodate new funds and document types, with equally quick removal of old ones.

Layered Disclosure

Supported through 1 click access enabling the ease of “back and forth” navigation with bookmarks, hyperlinking and hover text.


Customizable landing pages that are designed to improve investor engagement while retaining your company branding.


ADA compliant landing pages that follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) and the full support of remediated documents.

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