EDGAR ® Filings

Edgar ® Agents is a full service SEC filing agent providing EDGAR ®/XBRL/Typesetting conversion and filing services to companies and individuals required to file electronically. Our production team is comprised of professional EDGAR ® operators, who will guide you smoothly and efficiently through the entire conversion and filing process.

XBRL Tagging

Edgar ® Agents has developed a solution that uses in-house CPA and XBRL expertise to review and analyze client financials by applying the SEC compliant taxonomies to their financial statements and notes at extremely competitive rates.


Edgar ® Agents uses a state of the art single source typesetting system, which basically means that your typeset documents are automatically exported to EDGAR ®, HTML and hyperlinked PDF files within minutes. Your typeset document in EDGAR ® format will always reflect the latest typeset version.

Financial Printing

Edgar ® Agents is a full service financial printer with the expertise to produce documents, such as Annual Reports, Proxy’s, IPO’s and all other marketing materials and delivers them to you with exceptional customer service. We handle documents of all sizes, quantities and finishes.

Section 16

EA16 is a secure online tool that gives you the ability to file Forms 3, 4 and 5 directly with the SEC. There is no software to buy and no installation is required. With EA16, you control the document and the entire filing process.


We offer a comprehensive press release distribution services with a global reach. Monitoring and reporting tools are used to track what is being said about your company and your competitors via traditional and social media networks.

XBRL Widget

In addition to submitting your filings in XBRL, the SEC has mandated that a company provide these same XBRL files (both the raw file and the accompanying instance documents) on your corporate website for at least 12 months. Our Edgar ® Agent XBRL Widget keeps everything on your site up to date automatically.

Company’s Presentation

2016 SEC Filing Deadlines and Holidays

About Edgar ® Agents

Long term relationships flourish best when they are accompanied by trust and integrity. At Edgar ® Agents, we view trust, integrity and quality of service as our greatest asset. That's why Edgar ® Agents is rapidly becoming the fastest growing EDGAR ® filing agency in the country.

At Edgar ® Agents, we manage all of your filing needs. From annual 10-Ks and quarterly 10-Qs to 8-Ks, Registration Statements …

Service Highlights

Edgar ® Agents is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service.
  • Top Rated Full Service Financial Filing and Printing Firm
  • No Overnight, Rush or Weekend Charges
  • Faster Turn-Around on EDGAR ® and XBRL
  • Personal Service
  • Clear Flat-Rate Pricing
EDGAR is a trademark of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Edgar Agents, LLC is not affiliated with or approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission."