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Ensure equal access to your company's digital information for everyone

Digital accessibility is a top priority for companies because inaccessible experiences pose a barrier to the 1 in 4 adults in the US living with some form of disability.

Most organizations are legally required to ensure that all the documents they share are accessible for all. Inaccessible documents put their owners at serious legal risk, with regulations like ADA & WCAG.

Did you know?

The ADA requires PDFs to be:

  • Properly tagged

  • Fully accessible

  • 100% accurate


Generate instantly accessible docs

EdgarAgents offers seamless Document Remediation by taking your existing documents, and ensuring that they meet the required ADA standards and digital accessibility requirements.

Seamless generation of certified accessible as-filed PDFs

No need for clearing calendars for formal training — we'll generate accessible as-filed PDFs for you to share online.

Avoid litigation

Certify that documents are accessible to users with disabilities before distribution.

Contact your account manager or to learn more about retroactive document and website remediation.

Document remediation is a must for every organization

Remediation fixes accessibility errors and helps to ensure that all users can interact with content and easily navigate it, including people with cognitive or visual disabilities.

Simply put, Document Remediation typically includes ‘tagging’ PDF document digital elements. The ‘tags’ identify elements that are readable when using assistive technology, and inform the user of the type of content and the correct order in which to read the document.


What makes a document accessible?
An accessible document is one that can be consumed by anyone, including those with disabilities of any kind, including cognitive and visual impairments.
What is remediation?
Remediation is the process of fixing accessibility errors. This ensures that all users can interact with and navigate content. This includes document tagging for assistive technologies such as screen readers, or making visual changes on the documents, like color contrast.
What kind of documents must be remediated?
Internal and external documents are mandated to be accessible, from policies and procedures to downloadable website content, including, as-filed SEC financial content, compliance reports, shareholder reports, and more.

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