Billions, Billions, Billions

How much is one billion, really?

Let’s do the math. One billion seconds is equal to about 38 years. One billion minutes is 1,901 years and one billion hours…well you get the point. It’s a lot! But what about one billion dollars or more, specifically 18.8 billion dollars. It is safe to say that is a ridiculous amount of cash.

While I, personally, would take that money and spend it on a super yacht and sail across the globe, visiting one luxury location after the next, our client decided to do the intelligent thing and acquire another company1. This acquisition brought together two premier energy infrastructure businesses.

How big of a deal is that?

The Company, now with an enterprise value of $60 billion,   has more than 50,000 miles of pipeline infrastructure in geographically contiguous states and access to nearly 50% of the nation’s refining capacity.

Fifty percent of anything, outside of a college exam (shout out to all my fellow flunkers who prayed their professor graded on a curve), is pretty big. This is an event that will not only benefit our client but could possibly shape parts of the U.S. economy.

How was this information made public?

Well, that’s where a dedicated expert filing agent comes into play. EdgarAgents (EA), in tandem with an industry-leading law firm, was able to file this merger efficiently and accurately while also following the necessary SEC guidelines.

How, might you ask?

EA’s Top-Notch Typeset Platform

Now, please don’t ask what it is. EA’s platform is like the Coca-Cola recipe. It’s a proprietary secret we very much would like to keep. That aside, what matters most are the results.  

And what are the results?

EA’s platform manages the entire project from EDGAR conversion to typesetting, printing, and distribution at a record-breaking speed. While the industry standard completion time ranges from 24 to 48 hours, EA can deliver projects three times faster.

That means EA converted this Company’s 300-page merger document in hours instead of days. This enables clients’ documents to keep up with the fast-paced environment of the financial industry. Consider a contested merger or proxy – do you think turning documents in hours instead of days would make a difference?

EA is not only fast but also accurate. What is the point of working at the speed of light if pages are missing from your filing? We boast of our job accuracy mainly because it saves clients time and money, and who doesn’t love to save time and money?

When filing documents, use a trusted partner who makes your life easier. EdgarAgents is that partner, but don’t take it from us, ask our clients. They are the ones who choose to File with Confidence.  

1: Due to certain legalities, company names shall remain anonymous.




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David Jackson

Assistant Manager - Typeset

David Jackson has 5+ years of experience in the Financial Services industry and is currently the Assistant Manager of Typeset at EdgarAgents. He’s a die-hard Knicks fan who thinks a championship is right around the corner. He clearly also believes in miracles.