New Look, Same Ol’ Trusted Service


In high school, I had the unfortunate privilege of wearing a uniform. I will never forget the look of it. It was a light blue button-down shirt, a dark blue tie, grey slacks, and these horrid burgundy loafers. The theory was if we all wore the same thing, we couldn’t make fun of each other’s clothes. Whoever thought of that didn’t know teenagers at all. Trust me, we still found ways to insult one another’s outfits.

The fact is that the uniform made me look like everyone else. The issue, however, was that I wasn’t like everyone else. I had my own unique individual personality. A personality that now was impossible to see at first glance because I looked like the next hundred kids.

The point?

EdgarAgents is done with the uniform…
…like me when I finally went to college.

What uniform am I speaking of? Well, it’s the one we all know of. The “Generic Financial Institution” template.

Right now, you’re imagining a website filled with Microsoft Word standard fonts, pictures of people shaking hands in agreement, and a series of charts all showing money going to the moon. A classic financial trope that makes the customer feel safe but doesn’t inform on who this provider is.

EA was that trope for a while, but it never showed who we were. We are a cutting-edge financial service company that puts you, the customer, first. We needed to express that with our branding, and we needed to stop blending in.

Zebras’ stripes are there so that they blend in with one another. Hungry lions can’t figure out who the weak link is and must resort to eating some other poor animal. Blending in is a great idea with the threat of lions around, but last time I checked EA doesn’t live on a savannah.

Blending in won’t show how superior of a service we are. Blending in won’t show how many amazing people are here to help service all your needs. We are not only your provider. We are also your strategic partner. We are there with you for the entire process, through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Always ready to aid in your success.

 In fifteen years, EdgarAgents achieved tremendous success. We became one of the top three SEC filing agents globally, #1 in IPOs, with a relentless commitment to 24/7/365 service, quality, and integrity. This is our evolution to show our industry leadership.

Brighter colors, louder fonts, and more interactive features. We want to show our personality and bring some life to this run-of-the-mill financial services industry.

We know you will enjoy the new look, and feel free to explore more at our website:  

Powered by technology, EdgarAgents isn’t your only option, but we are your best option (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the chance at a nice humble brag.)

We are a superior service that boasts a personality to match. Finance is tough enough. Work with a group of people who will brighten your day instead of contributing to the mundane.

David Jackson

Assistant Manager - Typeset

David Jackson has 5+ years of experience in the Financial Services industry and is currently the Assistant Manager of Typeset at EdgarAgents. He’s a die-hard Knicks fan who thinks a championship is right around the corner. He clearly also believes in miracles.